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The basic regulation giving reason for the establishment of the South-Bohemian Region is the constitutional law No. 347/97 of Collections concerning the formation of higher territorial administrative units and change in the constitutional law of the CNR (Czech National Council) No. 1/1993 of Collections, Constitution of the Czech Republic.

The region and its authorities are specified by Act No. 129/2000 of Collections concerning regions, which came into effect on the day of the regional authorities elections, or on January 1st, 2001. The region is a territorial community of citizens; it has the right to autonomy which is executed in the range given in accordance with the needs of the region. The region is a corporation under public law; in legal relations it acts on its own behalf and bears responsibility arising from these relations.

The region, in its independent sphere, is in charge of its regional district in accordance with local preconditions and local habits of a complex development of its territory and its citizens, requirements, especially creating conditions for social work development, fulfilling requirements of safety and development of desirable living conditions, public transport and connections, information requirements, upbringing and education, complete cultural development and public order protection.

When performing its independent activities the region cooperates with municipalities; however, it is not allowed to interfere with their independent activities.

The regions authorities are bound to consult intentions for regional development with the given authorities of municipalities to be affected by them.

The region is entitled to comment on matters related to its independent activity. The state authorities are bound to discuss precautions concerning the region's independent activity with its authorities in advance.

The state authorities and authorities of municipalities provide at their request free data and information to the region's authorities necessary for their activity. The region also has this obligation to the state authorities and authorities of municipalities. Protection of personal data according to special regulations remains untouched.

During the independent activity performance the region is guided: 1. in issuing obligatory regulations by the law, 2. in other matters also by another legal regulations issued based on the law

The region performs a state administration in its district in matters that are determined by the law. The activity in these matters is a transferred activity of the region.


In a scope established by the law the region is governed by a local authority of the region, which in the South-Bohemian Region has 55 members. Other authorities of the region are a Council of the Region, a Governor of the Region and a District Council. The Governor of the Region establishes specialized authorities for transferred activity performance provided that a special law designates so. The local authority sets up boards and District Council committees as its initiative and supervisory authorities. For fulfilment of its duties the region can establish legal entities and organizational bodies (organizations).

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